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4 SUT Saria Price Today: Live Market Trends

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Here on this website you will get daily live updates of 4 Sut saria rates. 4 Sut saria price today in different cities of India. Before seeing the price list, first we need to know what is 4 Sut saria?

In Hindi language the TMT bar or TMT rods are called saria and sut is used as an unit to measure the diameter of the steel or iron bars. In this unit system 1 Sut is equivalent to 3.274 mm. To summarise this we can say that 12 mm TMT bars are known as 4 sut saria in India.

4 Sut Saria Price Today 14th June 2024

In the above list you can see the latest updated rates of 4 sut saria in different cities of different states in India. Here we have represented the data of 12 mm TMT bar (Saria) prices per Kilogram (KG).

4 Sut Saria Price Today
4 Sut Saria Price Today

4 Sut Saria Price Per Kg

In the above table you have seen the price list of different cities. In general the average price of 4 Sut saria is 87 Rs per KG.

In different states of India this price may vary slightly. But the average price is almost same in all regions. Also the above lists showing the price without gst. So when you buy from the trader they will charge additional 18% Gst in the given price.

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Factors that Influence 4 Sut Saria / 12 mm Tmt Price

There are many external and internal market factors that affect 4 sut saria price today. Some of these are supply and demand chain, production amount, production costs, labor availability, transport, mining cost etc. Beside these direct factors market trends of India and other foreign countries also affect daily 4 sut saria rate.

Why 4 Sut Saria Important

4 sut or 12 mm TMT rods are very important item for any type of construction. Here are some uses of 4 sut saria.

  • Building houses
  • For the construction of roof cage of building
  • Heavy construction projects
  • In the construction on beam or pillars

How to Know Live Price of 4 Sut Saria Daily?

If you are willing to know 4 sut saria rate changes daily then the best method you can do is just bookmarking this page. Here we update latest updated market prices daily as soon as possible.

On the other methods you can search on the official sites of saria companies like TATA Tiscon. From there you can collect the latest data of their items.


4 sut saria to mm ?

4 sut saria is equal to 3.17 mm of diameter.

What is the weight of 4 sut saria ?

One single 4 sut Saria or 12 mm TMT rod weight is 10.4 kilograms.