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Iron Rate Today – Daily Iron Price Updates

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Iron Rate Today provides daily updated rates of different types of iron prices and other related products information. Most active and famous iron industries and markets in India includes Durgapur, Mandi Gobindgarh, Indore, Jalna, Raipur, Delhi, Ludhiana and Mumbai.

12 mm TMT Iron Rate Today 17th July 2024

Iron Rate Today Per KG

Per kg iron market value depends on the nature of the item. If the iron or Loha is old or used then its cost is lower compared to new produced iron.

Generally in the market the average price of old and used iron (which comes from damaged instruments, old unusable iron made products) is around Rs. 50 – 60. Whereas newly produced iron is comparatively expensive, costs around 95 – 100 Rs.

iron rate today
iron rate today

Various Types of Iron Rates

Iron Scrap Rate Update Iron Ingot Rate Update
12 MM TMT Rate UpdateIron Ore Rate Update

Why Iron Price is Important ?

Knowing about the iron rate is curious information for every person and mostly for those who are doing business in the steel and hardware industry and also for iron traders. Iron industry has played a crucial role in the Indian economy from past. Also in present days’ its considered as a backbone on economy.

Many resellers and marketers track the iron price data for their work purposes. Also this price data is helpful for those customers who are thinking of building a house or thinking of buying or constructing metal products and resellers.

So, If you want to know the latest iron price, to make the best buying decision, all information is explained properly here on our website.

How to Know Iron Rate Daily ?

Iron is the most important construction material for building infrastructure, building, house, mechanical instruments, water supply pipes etc. It has uses everywhere from cars to locks and keys in our real life.

Iron prices are not the same all over India. The price depends on various factors like availability and market conditions. Also according to location and state iron rate varies significantly.

You can check the latest iron rate data easily. There are many ways to collect the latest iron rate and other related data, and one of the easiest and simplest ways is to check the price online. To know the most reliable data just search on Google and you can see the latest information. If you check price of iron daily then you can bookmark the site for visiting daily.


Hopefully, this blog post helps you know the latest iron rate in the Indian market. Knowing the latest iron rate is crucial for every hardware seller, constructor, iron seller and buyer to be informed about the market condition and price.

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