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MS Ingot Price Today | Market Rates

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MS Ingot or Mild Steel ingots are the basic raw materials, which are used as the raw material for manufacturing many steel based products. Machinery, tools, vehicles, pipes, and many other steel products are made using MS Ingots.

In this post you can get the information about the price of MS ingot in today’s market. The table below shows MS Ingot price today. Here we regularly update the price changes everyday.

MS Ingot Price Today 14th June 2024

The price of MS ingots varies depending on the type of ingot, the size of the ingot, and the location of the buyer. The above table shows you today 14th June 2024 MS ingot prices in different cities of India. The average price of MS ingots in India is around Rs. 45,000 per metric ton.

MS Ingot Price Today

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Factors that Affect MS Ingot Rates

There are many factors that play impact significantly on Ingot market prices. These are –

  • The cost of raw materials
  • Production costs
  • Supply chain maintainance
  • Demand in market
  • Global market trends

How to Find the Best Price for MS Ingots

If you are a buyer of ingot and struggling to find best and affordable ingot sellers, then you can try the below mentioned points to get best value for price while ingot trading.

  • Compare between different sellers : The price of ingot in market varies from seller to seller. To get the best value one should always compare between prices of different sellers.
  • Negotiate with the seller : Ingot rates changes according to demand and supply. So you can negotiate to the sellers to buy at the best price.
  • Buying in bulk : Many sellers give discount while someone purchases at bulk amount.
  • Gather the information about various Discounts : Many seller give discounts in different occasions. So you should always keep an eye on the market news for the best offers and deals.


This post is about MS Ingot price today in India. Here we have discussed the prices of ms ingot different cities in India with a detailed table. We update the table everyday morning. To know the daily updated market rates you can bookmark this page or visit this website Ironratetoday daily.

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