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Iron Scrap Rate Today | Live Scrap Price Updates

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Hello everyone, In this post we will share with you the latest updated iron scrap rate today. Iron scrap is the old iron generated from used iron products. It is a very important and valuable resource for iron industries. This scarp is melted in steel mills and new products are prepared from it for further uses.

Iron Scrap Rate Today 14th June 2024

The updated scrap prices in various cities in India is represented in the above table. In this site you will always get the current updated price list. We update the price table as soon as the price changes.

Note : All the above scrap rates are shown in table are only for information purposes and they are excluded of tax. 18% additional GST will be added with the price at the time of purchase or selling.

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Iron Scrap Rate Today Per KG

Price of iron scrap per kg changes daily according to market changes, demand, supply and many more external factors such as global market conditions. However, the average rate stays almost same throughout the month and also for years in different conditions. Currently the average iron scrap rate is ₹42 per kg in India.

From the above mentioned table we can see that 1 kg iron scrap price in india today is approximately 38-45 rupees. This rate varies widely in different cities in India. For example, the average rate in Mandi Gobindgarh is 36 rs  whereas in Delhi it is 40 rs on average.

MS Scrap Rate

MS Scrap full form is mild steel scrap. It is a high quality iron scrap which are prepared from low carbon steel. MS scrap is widely used in making beams, rods and sheets. It is more durable than iron scrap and also more costly compared to normal scrap.

The rate of ms scrap in India is approximately 42,000 Rs per metric tonne and approx 42 Rs per kg.

Iron turning scrap rate

The rate of iron turning scrap in India changes daily depending on the market conditions, scrap location, trends etc. As per the latest updated data the average turning scrap price in July 2023 is Rs 20 per Kilogram.

Here is detailed table chart of iron turning scrap in India over the past few months:

MonthPrice (Rs/KG)
July 202320
June 202318
May 202316
April 202314
March 202312

From the above table we can see that the average turning scrap rate in India has increased significantly from March 2023 to August 2023.

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FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

What is iron scrap rate per kg in Punjab today ?

The scrap price per kg in Punjab is on an average 38-39 rupees.

What is the price of iron scrap per kg in India?

The average price of iron scrap per kg is 25-35 rupees in India. But if the quality of scrap is good and usable in industries then the can go higher up to 65-75 depending on the condition.

Which is the biggest iron scrap market in India ?

Ghusuri Scrap Market in Howrah, West Bengal is the largest scrap market in India. In this scrap market the average annual turnover is around 200 Million USD.

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