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Ingot Price in Kolkata Today

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Are you from Kolkata and searching on internet about ingot price in Kolkata today? Then you have visited the right place. In this page we will share the latest updated Ingot rates of Kolkata and it’s neighbouring areas like Howrah, and Hooghly suburban areas.

MS ingot or Mild steel Ingots are the main crucial raw material used for the manufacturing of different types of re-rolled products. Rounds, flats, channels equal and unequal angles etc are major products that are manufactured using MS Ingot.

Today MS Ingot Price in Kolkata

The below table represents the current rates of ms ingots in Kolkata, West Bengal today 18th May 2024

Stay updated on the cost of ingots in Kolkata with accurate and up-to-date pricing information through daily updated data in ironratetoday. This information will be very helpful to you in making decisions regarding your ingot purchases with these real-time prices.

5/5 - (1 vote)
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Ingot Price in Kolkata Today

Kolkata Ingot Market Price Data

Monthly Ingot Price in Kolkata

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Ingot Price Chart in 2023

About Kolkata Ingot Industry

Ingot rates keep changing in Kolkata according to demand and supply of global as well as domestic market trends. A wide range of steel plants are located in Kolkata and it’s neighbouring cities like Howrah and Hooghly. Because of this plants and market supplier status Kolkata give a significant impact on steel and iron market rates. Ingots are manufactured in various plants in Kolkata and after they are transported in various neighbouring and outside steel industries like Durgapur, Barddhaman etc.

Ingot Trading in Kolkata

If you invest of steel and ingot and related commodities then you should obviously keep an eye on Kolkata steel and Ingot market trends. This data often be very helpful for your business while deciding your next step of buying, selling or holding ingot. So according to Kolkata Ingot price data Ingot trading often very profitable for investors.