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Pig Iron Rate Today in India

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Pig iron rate in is mainly dependent on its nature. There are mainly 2 types of pig iron sold in market. These are Foundry grade and steel grade pig iron.

In this post we will discuss about today 18th May 2024 latest prices of different types of pig iron in India. This prices are updated daily according to the market rate changes.

Foundry Grade Pig Iron Price Today

Here are the latest updated price of foundry grade pig iron in different cities of India.

Mandi Gobindgarh46000
Rate of Foundry Grade Pig Iron, Updated 18th May 2024

Steel Grade Pig Iron Price Today

Here is the latest updated price chart of steel grade pig iron in different cities in India.

Mandi Gobindgarh44700
Steel Grade Pig Iron Rate, Updated 18th May 2024

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Pig Iron Price Per KG

In most of the industrial trades pig iron is sold in metric ton amount. But sometimes we need to purchase it in kilograms also. Here is an average price of pig iron when sold or purchased per kg ammount.

Steel Grade50-60/KG
Foundry Grade40-43/KG
Pig iron latest price update per kg

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How to Know daily updated pig iron rates

If you are a seller or buyer of pig iron, then the daily market rates are very essential for you.

To know Pig iron rates everyday you can follow or bookmark this pag.

Here we daily update the market data according to changes as soon as possible.

What is Foundry Grade Pig Iron ?

Foundry grade pig iron is used in cupola furnaces for grey iron castings.
These are generally less expensive. It is one of the most important material for cast iron preparation.

What is Steel Grade Pig Iron ?

This type of pig iron is mainly used in industrial products making. Some examples products made my this type of iron are pipe, machine frames, wheels, gear box and many more. It is more expensive than foundry grade because of high quality and wide range of uses.


  1. What is the price of 1 ton of pig iron?

    Market price of pig iron chances by the effect of several factors. The average price for 1 ton is around 45000 INR in India.

  2. What is the rate of Kirloskar pig iron?

    Average cost of Kirloskar pig iron per metric ton is around 45000 INR.

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