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Iron Rate Daily Live Updates in Ludhiana

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If you’re in Ludhiana and looking to buy iron, you are probably wondering what the current iron rates there are. In this article we will discuss everything you need to know about Ludhiana iron rate. We will further discuss the factors that affect iron prices and where you can find the latest updated price daily.

Iron is a crucial material used in various industries i.e. construction, automotive, and manufacturing industries. So it is very important to keep an eye on the iron rates to make informed decisions about buying or selling iron. This information is also very helpful for local sellers and big builders sellers.

Iron Rate Today 18th May 2024 in Ludhiana

Iron TypeRate in TonneRate in KG
Ingot₹ 48100₹ 48 – 49
Iron Scrap₹ 42700₹ 42 – 43
TMT Bar (12 mm)₹54000₹54
Iron coil (Ludhiana HRC)₹58700
Iron coil (Ludhiana CRC)₹64500
Billets₹48500₹48 – 49
Different Types of Iron Rate in Ludhiana 18th May 2024

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Factors that affect iron rates

Several factors influence the iron rates in Ludhiana.

  1. Demand and supply
  2. Global market trends
  3. Production costs

When the demand for iron is high in the market the rate increases significantly and when it’s low the rate decreases.

Similarly, when the supply of iron is low due to any reason the rate increases, and when it’s high the rate decreases significantly.

So you should be aware of daily market trends if you trade iron. This daily data might be very helpful for your business.

Several other factors also influence the price. One of the major among them is Global market trends. If there is a global increase in iron demand, the rates will likely increase in Ludhiana as well.

Additionally production costs also play a significant impact on price. Such as labour, transportation, and energy costs impact iron rates in Ludhiana.

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Where to Find the Latest Ludhiana Iron Rates ?

If you are looking for the best method to find latest Ludhiana iron rates daily then the best method for you to visit our website Iron Rate Today . We update rates daily here. This will help you to know the latest information at first. For this you should bookmark this page and visit daily.

There are other proven methods also, one of the important method is that you can check local newspapers, business magazines for the latest updates. Also you can reach out to local iron dealers in the market and ask them about the current rates.

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