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Sponge Iron & Pellet Market Rates

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Sponge iron is the direct reduced iron produced by direct reductions from the iron ore. It is widely used in the production of various steel items such as TMT Bar, DI pipes, production of ms scrap etc. Get the latest updated sponge iron and pellet prices fer ton and per kg from the table given below.

Sponge Iron and Pellet Market Rates

The above table represents latest updated market rates sponge Iron and Pellet today 18th May 2024.

Sponge Iron Price Today Per kg

The monthly average market prices of sponge iron is approx ₹30-35 per kg. This price range varies market to market depending on the location.

Pellet Rate Per KG

The rate of pellet in market in comparatively lower than sponge iron. The monthly average price is approx ₹26-29 per kg in range.

How to Know Daily Sponge iron and Pellet Prices

If you are interested in knowing daily sponge iron and pellet market prices then there are several methods to get it.

For watching online you can bookmark this page, here you can see daily updated rates regularly.

In other offline methods you can follow newspaper, news channels for knowing latest market news. Also you can visit market and know prices from dealers and shop owners.


This post is about sponge iron and pellet market prices. In the above paragraphs we have shared latest updated market rates in different cities and also prices per KG along with the method how one can get this information regularly. I hope this posts help you in getting information about daily live sponge iron market rates.