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Soot to mm and Inches Converter Online Free

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Soot to Millimeter and Inches Converter

Soot to mm and Inches Converter

Soot to mm and inches Converter

The above tool converts soot to Millimetres and Inches. This will help you too know the right value of 1 soot.

Soot to mm (Millimeter) conversion Table

The below mentioned table represents a look of soot to millimeter conversion chart. From the above soot to mm converter tool we get these values.

SootMillimeter (mm)
13.175 mm
26.35 mm
39.525 mm
412.7 mm
515.875 mm
619.05 mm
722.225 mm
825.4 mm
928.575 mm
1031.75 mm
soot to mm Conversion Table

Soot To Inch Conversion Table

The below mentioned table shows appropriate values of soot to inches in the tabular form. Here we have shared 1 to 10 soot value in inches. As we all know 1 soot to inch value is 0.125 inch.

Soot ValueInches Value
1 Soot0.125 inches
2 soot0.250 inches
3 soot0.375 inches
4 soot0.500 inches
5 soot0.625 inches
6 soot0.750 inches
7 soot0.875 inches
8 soot1.000 inches
9 soot1.125 inches
10 soot1.250 inches
Soot to Inches Conversion table

What is Soot ?

Soot is a Hindi term commonly used to refer the diameter of TMT Bar or Saria. It is used to measure any small amount of length. One soot is equivalent to 1/8th part of one inch.

The term soot is commonly used in Northern, Eastern and Middle India where Hindi language is spoken majorly.

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How to convert soot to mm and soot to inches ?

Here is the conversion formula of soot to millimeters.

We know that 1 soot = (1/8) inch
                                 = 0.125 inch
                      = 0.125×25.4 = 3.175 mm

The easiest way to convert any amount of soot in millimeter unit or in inches unit is by using Soot to mm and inches converter tool by website online. Here you can easily convert the amount in mm or inches just in 1 click.


What is the value of 4 Soot in mm?

If we convert 4 soot into millimeter (mm) we get 12.7 mm.

What is the value of 1 Soot in mm?

1 Soot is equal to 3.175 mm.

What is the value of 3 soot in mm?

3 soot is equals to 9.525 millimeter.

What is the value of 2 Soot in mm?

2 Soot is equals to 6.35 millimeter.