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Autogenic Training: What You Should Know

What is Autogenic Training
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Autogenic training is a special relaxation technique that can help you to become more relaxed and self-confident.

Here you can find out exactly how the exercises work and what you should bear in mind. You can also find out how to play teen patti online.

Autogenic training is a type of self-hypnosis that allows you to put your body into a deep state of calm. The focus is on the power of your thoughts. The main aim is to calm you down through a certain form of mental concentration. This relaxation exercise can help you cope better with everyday stress. It is also used for people with mental illnesses.

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“Autogenic training” is a shortened form of the actual term “autogenic relaxation training”. The term “autogenic” is made up of the Greek word “auto”, which means “self-acting”, and the Latin term “Genero”, which can be translated as “to bring forth”.

According to this approach, relaxation is something that is generated from within ourselves and is not directed by external influences.

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If you do autogenic training regularly, you will also be able to concentrate better in everyday life. Autogenic training was originally developed as a therapy method for mentally ill people. However, it is also suitable for healthy people. Some possible effects of regular training are, for example:

  • fewer concentration problems
  • improved function of the gastrointestinal tract
  • less muscle tension and postural damage
  • fewer headaches and migraines
  • less chronic pain
  • improved performance
  • more serenity and inner peace


The basis for autogenic training is a trance state into which you put yourself by consciously controlling your thoughts. To do this, you focus your thoughts on a specific physical reaction, which occurs through sheer imagination. The trance state is lifted again at the end of each training session, which is also known as “withdrawal”.

If you have no experience with autogenic training or other relaxation methods, it is recommended that you first carry out the exercises under the guidance of an expert. You can book courses in special practices or use a CD or audio file. However, the aim should be to do the exercises on your own at some point so that the relaxation is really only triggered by yourself.


You can do autogenic training while sitting or lying down. Before you start autogenic training, you should first find out in which posture you can relax best. According to neurologists and psychiatrists online, the following postures are particularly recommended:

Couch pose: Sit on the edge of a chair. Bend your upper body forward so that your elbows rest loosely on your thighs. Your arms should hang down the inside of your thighs. Lower your head so that no muscles are tense in this area either.

Sitting posture: For this posture, you can either choose a normal chair or an armchair with armrests and an additional headrest. In either case, lean your back against the back of the chair in a relaxed position. Rest your arms in your lap or on the back of the chair. Your feet should touch the floor completely.

Lying position: Lie down in bed, on the sofa, or on a yoga mat. To relieve the strain on your neck muscles, place a pillow on the back of your neck. Place your arms loosely next to your body or on your thighs. Relax your legs so that the tips of your feet point slightly outwards.

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At the end of the exercises, your whole body should feel warm and heavy. Only your head is pleasantly cool and clear. Originally, the autogenic training exercises were divided into three levels: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. Today, we generally only refer to the basic and advanced exercises. The aim of the basic exercises is to perceive the heaviness and warmth of the body, thereby relaxing the muscles and stimulating blood circulation. It is therefore primarily about influencing physical processes, according to neurologists and psychiatrists on the net.

Particularly important for autogenic training are certain formulas that trainers pronounce and repeat in a calm tone of voice. Imagine the content of these sentences and transfer it to the state of your body. If you are doing the exercises alone, you can also consciously say the formulas calmly and quietly “into yourself”. Make sure you always use the same wording.

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