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Ingot Price Today Durgapur

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Are you searching on internet about the latest updated steel and iron ingot price in Durgapur market today. Then no worries, in Iron Rate Today we share live ingot market rates. Durgapur Ingot is a special type of steel ingot produced in Durgapur Steel Plant, West Bengal.

Durgapur steel plant is one of the major steel industries in West Bengal as well as for the whole country. It provides a significant impact on iron and steel market. We all know ingot is the raw iron that is used for production of different iron and steel based products.

Durgapur Ingot Price Today

The prices of ingot in Durgapur depends on various market factors such as supply-demand, availability of raw material, external factors etc. The latest updated price of ingot in Durgapur today 18th May 2024 represented in the table below.

Ingot AmountPrice in Durgapur
Ingot Price per Metric ton42900
Ingot Price per KG42.90
Durgapur Ingot Rate

The demand of Durgapur Ingot is increasing very significantly in recent months due to heavy construction in manufacturing sector, increase in cost of raw materials like coal and raw iron ore.

Durgapur Ingot price today

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Uses of Durgapur Ingot

Due to it’s quality and affordability Durgapur Ingot is used in various industries and manufacturing sectors. Some major uses are depicted below.

  1. Durgapur Ingot is used to make structural steel, such as beams, columns, and girders.
  2. Railway sector has a great demand for this ingots. It’s used in making track, posts, railway bridge etc.
  3. Automobile sector also uses Durgapur Ingot for manufacturing cars, bike, engine component etc.

How to Know Durgapur Ingot Market Price Live

If you want to know live ingot market prices, there is two ways by which you can get the information daily.

  • You can know it online. In this method you can bookmark this page and visit daily. We update the data everyday morning.
  • You can keep contact with market dealers in Durgapur and get daily prices from them.

Final words

This post is the Ingot price in Durgapur. One can visit this page and get the latest updated market prices of iron and steel Ingots. If you still have any queries regarding this then you can let us know in comments section below or you can inform us via email.

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